Welcome to MAROC SURF TRIP – wonderful experience in every surfer’s life.

Surfing in picturesque spots during magnificent sunrise, delicious traditional food, accomodation in cosy hotel and best local guide who satisfies every man’s desire for knowing the local culture and people and most of all SURFING. MAROC SURF TRIP is located in magnificent little town called Taghazout., Imi Ouddar and Tamri. What distinguish that places are perfect surf spots. Some of them are places in the top ranking of best surfing places.

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MAROC SURF TRIP offers a variety of surf programmes adjusted to individual needs of our clients such as age, skill levels and other preferences. Our coaching method is divided between theory and practice which is being done on sand and obviously in the water. Our high skiled coaches pick up boards which suits best for individual client as well as for the spot and the result is clear and simple – lots of fun !

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